Save up to two hours of your day with our simple POS solution for your school tuckshop! 

Lunch Hub ordering system are the ideal cloud based platform for primary and high schools can extend their solution by transforming their existing school ID card. 

Lunch Hub provides systems to streamline your school tuckshop operation, by completing transactions quickly. This allows the school to reduce or eliminate cash transactions. 

Benefits for Schools 

1. Less or no cash on school premises, less risk of ''bullying'' and the school being targeted by criminals

2. Customised around the needs of the school and can be integrated to other school management systems, such as paying school fees, books and stationary and other school activities and events. 

3. Licensed per point of sale, allowing the school to charge the parent a monthly fee to recover costs and make revenue

4. Actively developed, installed and support in S.A

Benefits of Tuck shop Owner/Vendor

1. Faster transactions, minimise endless tuck shop queues. 

2. User friendly inventory system with integrated reports allows an in depth analysis for the tuck shop owner/vendor. 

3. Better stock and cash control, allowing better planning and purchasing of stock in advance. 

4. Reduce waste and over-spending. 

5. Reduce administrative duties and save time. 

6. Dedicated customer support. 

Benefits for Parents 

1. Set daily limits and restrictions. 

2. View what their child has been purchasing and balances. 

3. Children use their student card for payments instead of carrying cash around at school. 

4. Order and pay for other school items, activities and events. 

5. Order school lunches and pay online ANY TIME, ANYWHERE!